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A. Radziszewski's „RESURS” private company

The company „RESURS” has existed since 1988 and widely known with economic units both in Poland and abroad.

The technical term RESURS comes from French and means
experimentally and theoretically determined working period of an industrial object (a structure, a machine or a device), during the time that guarantees both exploitation performance and work safety.

The objective of our activity is determining the resurs of industrial objects (e.g. steel constructions, mechanical and powerplants devices)  and  considerable prolongation of their work.

This objective is realized by working in several main directions:

- technical diagnostics (evaluation of the technical condition) of machines and industrial devices;

- evaluation of the technical condition of steel constructions, including wolded joints;

- regenerative coatings and exploitation coatings (on parts of machines or devices) sprayed by the following techniques:
     — thermal spraying :
            flame spray,  arc spraying,  HVOF spraying,  plasma spraying;
     — hardfacing welding :
            gas welding penetration,  electric arc welding;
     — selective brush plating method:
            electrochemical process of electroplating
            used to selective brush plating of applying metal deposits
     — chemical nickel plating
            including internal surfaces;
     — ion nitriding.

pieczątka GTS

- mechanical processing of parts
    measuring 1100 mm in diameter and 3000 mm in lenght,

- non destructive testing (NDT) performed in cooperation
    with „Energodiagnostyka Ltd.” company,

- heat treatment of parts
    by means of magnetic methods MFT or CTT.

The company „RESURS”  provides a 12 month warranty
for performed works

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obróbka mechaniczna części wielkogabarytowych

TECHNICAL OFFER – since september 2012

In September 2012, we completed the project entitled „Increasing Competitiveness of the Company Resurs by Applying New Technologies in the field of Surface Engineering and Technical Diagnostics in Building and Exploitation of Industrial Appliances”, co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund Regional Operational Programme of Mazovia in the yaers 2007 - 2013.

Introducing the new, expanded range of technical offer, which consists of:


diagnostic testing and defectoscopy testing letting to evaluate the level of stress and localisation of flaws (hidden defects) in the elements intended for repairing or regeneration. In testing we apply the metal magnetic memory method (MMM method),

tokarka TR2


operating coating by thermal spraying, e.g. HVOF spraying  or  plasma spraying


turning components to 1100 mm in diameter and to 3000 mm in length on the lathe TR2-110x3M


grinding elements to 500 mm in diameter and 3000 mm in length on the grinder UB50/3000 CNC

We realize the above offer having in view environmental aspects. We have introduced a modern system of filters and ventilation in order to protect the natural environment from the particulates arising as a result of heat spraying.

szlifierka UB50/3000 CNC

We also offer services and technical advice in the field of modern coatings replacing technical chrome.

urządzenie AP25i
The AP25i devices
for plasma spraying.
Modern ventilation system
uses special filters to protect the environment.

TECHNICAL OFFER of the company „RESURS”  –  the range of services for industrial plants

Engineering of Metal Surfaces with regard to thermal spraying
 ( exploitation metallic coats, regeneration of metal losses )


Engineering of Metal Surfaces with regard to welding.

natrysk cieplny powłoki metalicznej

Regeneration of parts of large size:
thermal spraying and mechanical machining of long elements  (up to 3 meters).

rotor turbiny po regeneracji powierzchni uszczelniających wału
tłoczyska o długości L=2000mm

Repairs of parts of large size:
regeneration spigot with a diameter of 340mm on the shaft with 1600mm length of nicked pinion gears.

natrysk cieplny na czop wału o średnicy 340mm
czop wału o średnicy 340mm po szlifowaniu

Control and measurement services:
performing the technical testing (NDT) of device and materials,
examination of the state of stress using Metal Magnetic Memory method  (MMM method).

diagnostyka wału turbiny szybkoobrotowej metodą MPM
badania metodą ultradźwiękową czopów wału turbiny szybkoobrotowej

Exploitation of thermal sprayed coatings by HVOF process:

- wear-resistant coatings on the basis of carbides
  (after the HVOF thermal spraying process coating will ground and polished).

natryskiwanie naddźwiękowe HVOF czopów wału turbiny
szlif wału rotora z 6 kołami
wirnik po szlifowaniu, 13 kół

The company „RESURS” offers services overhaul and repair of machines and devices such as:
- the technical expertise of status of devices by performing non-destructive testing and technical advice;
- the implementation and construction of new solutions,  technical and economic analyzes,  device upgrading;
- production or regeneration of parts for machinery, of equipment and means of transport;
- R&D work in the field of machinery technology.


The company „RESURS” also runs equipment sales:
• for diagnostics and for monitoring of industrial and constructions object;
• to application of metallic and non-metallic coatings.
przyrządy pomiarowe do badań metodą MPM

Sale and service of measuring instruments
for the non-destructive testing of equipment and materials;
for magnetic diagnostics – Metal Magnetic Memory method (MMM method).

pistolet natryskowy Metatherm
palnik mobilny do natrysku naddźwiękowego

Sales and service of equipment (spray guns) and all the thermal spraying systems Metatherm companies.

We offer a wide range of materials
used on the coatings.

Independently of sale of equipment we offer services in the area: thermal spray process.

Teaching metal magnetic memory method (MMM method)

The company RESURS also organizes training in the range of :

ozdobnik1thermal spraying,

ozdobnik1diagnostics devices by mmM method    

podczas konferencji
targi branżowe
targi branżowe

Three presented photos
show the specialists of the company „RESURS”
and representatives of partner companies
participating in trade fairs, exhibitions
and trade conferences.


For many years we closely cooperate :

1.  with the Russian company  „Energodiagnostika” Co. Ltd.- Moskwa
        testing for the application of mmM method,  promoting mmM methods in Poland,
        the sale of devices and the training of specialists.
     We provide free consultations on of technical diagnostics by mmM method.

2.  with the German company  „Metatherm Flammspritztechnik” GmbH – Bexbach
        in the promotion and sale of equipment for thermal spraying.
     We provide free consultations in the range of thermal spraying techniques.

As part of the knowledge gained and experience of the company „RESURS” cooperates with companies and firms aiming to improve the quality of their products and services:

ozdobnik1through the application of new technologies in the field of surface engineering;

ozdobnik1the company „RESURS” provides consulting services in the field of repair and diagnostics
of devices designed to prevent accidents.

Invite you to cooperation  -  „RESURS” Andrzej Radziszewski